Saturday, March 6, 2010

yeayy, we passed 10 visitors on our counter!!! lol. I cant wait till we hit 100.

I missed you guys today! Had so much stuff (the juicy kind, like a rare steak) to tell y'all.

I truly miss our cubicle lunches, not the food or the gossip. But just being near people who understands and is there for you when you need them. Feel so often these days that people just ignore your feelings -!!

Anyways, i'm going to botanical gardens tomm. yeayyy.. will def take some pics!


  1. heyy..we have a counter on our blog now? didnt know that.Any way cant wait to hear the juicy stuff:) upload some botanical garden pics!!

    Pasta looks real good..

  2. almost a month later we got 7 more visitors. pathetic lol. That's ok. i actually kinda like it like this.