Tuesday, March 2, 2010

German Food!

Hi Ladies, I feel guilty for not posting anything this weekend. Glad to see some very interesting and tasty(atleast I assume it is from the pics) recipes.Last week, I went to a German restaurant(Old Heidelberg, Bethel, Ct) for one of my coworker's birthday lunch . As I hve never been to one I was enthuse abt going there. The names of the dishes sounded very odd as they are in German and I dont know German language. I am going to list some entrees my fellow coworkers and I ordered.

I had Chicken Schnitzel.

This basically looked and tasted like breaded baked chicken breasts with red cabbage and
spatzel(german noodle) sides. It tasted ok, nothing praise worthy .

Another interesting item was the Shank .I did some research and shank basically is the lower part of the leg of pig, cow, lamb, veal -you get the idea!

Another item was the potato pancakes.
I hope you find this informative. Sorry, picture taking is not my forte; I found these pics from internet sources.


  1. What!!! You are not allowed to dine out with other people, esp coworkers!!!!! Thats cheating!!!!Lol

    So german food hunh!! Thats something we never explored before. Good find girl!!

  2. I would be interested in that Shank thing... Yummm... meat...