Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Zumba Review

One of my favorite workouts at gym is the Zumba. Mainly because i get to shake it and you are doing lots of different moves unlike most cardio excercises. Plus you get to listen hot latin music that sometimes sounds like Indian too. Actually once they did play an Indian song - Jai ho.

So i figured when I am home for the weekend what better way to exercise than Zumba. So one Saturday morning i saw an infomercial for Zumba know the rest -- #1 Marketing sucker right here! So anyways i was all excited, they claimed its high energy so much fun,shaking this and that and all that stuff. And Beto- the zumba guy is so motivating and hot and blah blah. So i was excited to get the DVD..there was like 4 DVD's in there - Basic step learning, abs, a toning one ( with a 1 pound shaking weight - some toning that is going to be) and a live work out video.

So within the last 3 weeks i tried all of them, Let me just tell you this was nothing like the workout at the gym. This was BORING!!!! That beto guy did nothing but bore me and he was not that hot either. The girl next to him was more entertaining. The biggest let down was that it felt like i was doing cardio and the same salsa steps over and over.
The only one i kind of liked was the live workout which after the first 10 minutes was kind of fun. So boo thumbs down for at home Zumba. Nevertheless since i did spent the money on it, my goal is to do at least one zumba DVD a weekend which so far i have been doing!

This is what i got