Friday, March 26, 2010

Lamb Curry

I recently found out 100%grass fed meat are the right way to go. Healthier for you due to its very low Omega 6 to 3 ratio. So i went to whole food today and all they had was 100% grass fed lamb, so i bought couple of pounds of boneless and a pound of leg in bone or something like that. Expensive stuff, Cost me close to 30 bucks. Geez. Who knew grass was so expensive and here we have to go through the pain of cutting it and throwing it out every 3 weeks. Ironic!

Anyways i bought the lamb home and my mom was at work so it was just my dad and I. I told him about my grass fed lamb story and we decided to cook it. So I cut the meat while he peeled the onions and garlic and ginger. And then he went it to fridge and grabbed the bag of string beans and took a few out. So i asked y string beans and he goes Oh i thought they were green chilli peppers. Lol. After that he looked tired so he sat in the corner and guided me. I cut the onions, garlic n ginger and then mixed it all with coriander powder and lamb and cooked it. Then while i was watching tv or something he went and put in the masalas, which is the most important part and i totally missed it. Anyways here is the finished product, i have to say it was really good. I asked how he knew about cooking lamb curry and he said he learned all this from his days in Bombay. hmmm! who knew!


  1. I think lamb curry is one of my favorite, you have to make it for me sometimes for sure, ok?

    Did the special diet lamb taste any difficult then the regular lamb?

  2. looks yummy!..I was looking for a simple lamb curry recipe..

  3. Yea, I want to try to make some too!