Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting Thought

I had dinner with couple of my friends tonight. One of them have said something interesting, and reminded me of my mom. 

He said, you should put a barrier between you and other people, that way you won't get hurt by what they say because they are only strangers. I think when I was younger, my mom also told me the same theory, because she knew that I didn't know how to protect myself. 

It's true that if you put a barrier between you and people, you would get hurt less. But I believe, if you don't put down that barrier, you would never be close to anyone, you would never find true friends. When I meet a new friend, I would go all in to be nice with that person. If that person take advantage of me, hurt me or my feeling, I can tolerance once or twice, and then that's it, my barrier would be up between me and that person. 

However, I am willing to take that chance which I could get hurt when I meet new friends because most of the time, I make more friends than people that would hurt me.


  1. Very well said sista!!
    Along the same line...when someone hurts you time after time, its not wise to keep them in your life ya know!

  2. You could have said this directly to the friend instead of posting it here:)