Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mocha Silk Pie (no bake)

Warning, this pie is SWEET! Too sweet for me, but Andrew loves it. 

Here are what you need: chopped pecans, brown sugar, eggs, semi-sweet chocolate, butter, white sugar, instant coffee, vanilla extract, and Kahlua. 

First, I got my hands dirty... grating the chocolate, it's also a great work out too. AND it did melt in my hand. 

Then combined chopped pecans, brown sugar, chocolate, Kahlua, and a little salt. Mix them well. 

Put mixture in a pie pan, pressed it to form the crust. Made my hand dirty again, grrrr. I put the crust in the fridge for a bit.

Next is to make the filling. Whipped together soften butter, sugar, instant coffee granules, and a little more Kahlua. :D 

And in melted Chocolate, vanilla, and eggs. Lastly, spread the mixture on top of the pie crust. Put it back to the fridge for at least 2 hours before serve it. It was in my fridge for 2 hours and one minute, then I cut it and ate it. Way too sweet for me! :( at least Andrew loves it with vanilla ice cream or milk.  


  1. Goodness gracious that looks yummy. Can you bring me a piece please?

  2. Sorry, Andrew ate it all! How about you make one and give me a piece?