Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mushroom and Bacon Pasta

Did I tell you I love pasta? If not, I LOVE pasta, with white sauce. So when I saw this recipe, I could resist to make it right away. Again, super simple, but soooo goooood. But not for non-mushroom lover though, like Andrew. 

Here was what I needed to make this amazing dish. Mushroom, bacon (obviously), green onion (but I only had chive at that time), garlic, parsley, half & half, heavy cream, chick stock, and parmesan cheese.  Oh, and Angel Hair, hahaha. 

First, cook angel hair in hot water.

While the pasta being cooked, I started to make the white sauce. Browned bacon first, set it aside when it was browned but not crisped.

Threw in garlic and mushroom in the bacon grease. 

Added in chicken stock, cooked until only 1/2 of the half left.

Then stir in half & half, heavy cream, and grated cheese. Lastly, put the bacon back in, add parsley, and green onion, right before it was served. 

Drained pasta, and put it in a BIG bowl. Added in 1/2 of the white sauce, and tossed well. Served in on a plate and poured more sauce on pasta, and oh my gosh, it was yummmy. 

Try to make it ladies!

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  1. This looks like a lot work for pasta!! I don't even like pasta that much. Although i have to say, your pics looks very yummy. I made ravioli today. Well i boiled bertolli raviolis and then added Ragu alfredo sauce.hehehee