Friday, March 26, 2010

Lamb Curry

I recently found out 100%grass fed meat are the right way to go. Healthier for you due to its very low Omega 6 to 3 ratio. So i went to whole food today and all they had was 100% grass fed lamb, so i bought couple of pounds of boneless and a pound of leg in bone or something like that. Expensive stuff, Cost me close to 30 bucks. Geez. Who knew grass was so expensive and here we have to go through the pain of cutting it and throwing it out every 3 weeks. Ironic!

Anyways i bought the lamb home and my mom was at work so it was just my dad and I. I told him about my grass fed lamb story and we decided to cook it. So I cut the meat while he peeled the onions and garlic and ginger. And then he went it to fridge and grabbed the bag of string beans and took a few out. So i asked y string beans and he goes Oh i thought they were green chilli peppers. Lol. After that he looked tired so he sat in the corner and guided me. I cut the onions, garlic n ginger and then mixed it all with coriander powder and lamb and cooked it. Then while i was watching tv or something he went and put in the masalas, which is the most important part and i totally missed it. Anyways here is the finished product, i have to say it was really good. I asked how he knew about cooking lamb curry and he said he learned all this from his days in Bombay. hmmm! who knew!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interesting Thought

I had dinner with couple of my friends tonight. One of them have said something interesting, and reminded me of my mom. 

He said, you should put a barrier between you and other people, that way you won't get hurt by what they say because they are only strangers. I think when I was younger, my mom also told me the same theory, because she knew that I didn't know how to protect myself. 

It's true that if you put a barrier between you and people, you would get hurt less. But I believe, if you don't put down that barrier, you would never be close to anyone, you would never find true friends. When I meet a new friend, I would go all in to be nice with that person. If that person take advantage of me, hurt me or my feeling, I can tolerance once or twice, and then that's it, my barrier would be up between me and that person. 

However, I am willing to take that chance which I could get hurt when I meet new friends because most of the time, I make more friends than people that would hurt me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mushroom and Bacon Pasta

Did I tell you I love pasta? If not, I LOVE pasta, with white sauce. So when I saw this recipe, I could resist to make it right away. Again, super simple, but soooo goooood. But not for non-mushroom lover though, like Andrew. 

Here was what I needed to make this amazing dish. Mushroom, bacon (obviously), green onion (but I only had chive at that time), garlic, parsley, half & half, heavy cream, chick stock, and parmesan cheese.  Oh, and Angel Hair, hahaha. 

First, cook angel hair in hot water.

While the pasta being cooked, I started to make the white sauce. Browned bacon first, set it aside when it was browned but not crisped.

Threw in garlic and mushroom in the bacon grease. 

Added in chicken stock, cooked until only 1/2 of the half left.

Then stir in half & half, heavy cream, and grated cheese. Lastly, put the bacon back in, add parsley, and green onion, right before it was served. 

Drained pasta, and put it in a BIG bowl. Added in 1/2 of the white sauce, and tossed well. Served in on a plate and poured more sauce on pasta, and oh my gosh, it was yummmy. 

Try to make it ladies!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mocha Silk Pie (no bake)

Warning, this pie is SWEET! Too sweet for me, but Andrew loves it. 

Here are what you need: chopped pecans, brown sugar, eggs, semi-sweet chocolate, butter, white sugar, instant coffee, vanilla extract, and Kahlua. 

First, I got my hands dirty... grating the chocolate, it's also a great work out too. AND it did melt in my hand. 

Then combined chopped pecans, brown sugar, chocolate, Kahlua, and a little salt. Mix them well. 

Put mixture in a pie pan, pressed it to form the crust. Made my hand dirty again, grrrr. I put the crust in the fridge for a bit.

Next is to make the filling. Whipped together soften butter, sugar, instant coffee granules, and a little more Kahlua. :D 

And in melted Chocolate, vanilla, and eggs. Lastly, spread the mixture on top of the pie crust. Put it back to the fridge for at least 2 hours before serve it. It was in my fridge for 2 hours and one minute, then I cut it and ate it. Way too sweet for me! :( at least Andrew loves it with vanilla ice cream or milk.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

yeayy, we passed 10 visitors on our counter!!! lol. I cant wait till we hit 100.

I missed you guys today! Had so much stuff (the juicy kind, like a rare steak) to tell y'all.

I truly miss our cubicle lunches, not the food or the gossip. But just being near people who understands and is there for you when you need them. Feel so often these days that people just ignore your feelings -!!

Anyways, i'm going to botanical gardens tomm. yeayyy.. will def take some pics!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

German Food!

Hi Ladies, I feel guilty for not posting anything this weekend. Glad to see some very interesting and tasty(atleast I assume it is from the pics) recipes.Last week, I went to a German restaurant(Old Heidelberg, Bethel, Ct) for one of my coworker's birthday lunch . As I hve never been to one I was enthuse abt going there. The names of the dishes sounded very odd as they are in German and I dont know German language. I am going to list some entrees my fellow coworkers and I ordered.

I had Chicken Schnitzel.

This basically looked and tasted like breaded baked chicken breasts with red cabbage and
spatzel(german noodle) sides. It tasted ok, nothing praise worthy .

Another interesting item was the Shank .I did some research and shank basically is the lower part of the leg of pig, cow, lamb, veal -you get the idea!

Another item was the potato pancakes.
I hope you find this informative. Sorry, picture taking is not my forte; I found these pics from internet sources.