Friday, February 19, 2010

Moving on to a New Phase!

Hi Partners...How are you both doing? I left Shick with a heavy heart today. Now I know, how hard it would hve been for u Phebz, when u left. Thank u Jewlz for the chocolates & card..U made me cry..I will MISS having lunch with u from next week on. Let us know all details abt ur Mr. Godfearing next week;)..Have a great weekend prtners and post some recipes!!


  1. who is Mr. Godfearing? tell me the details please!!!?

  2. I was heart broken today when you left, it was like reliving the pain when Pheebs left. I felt like i lost my two biggest support, but as i write this i feel encouraged that at least we found a way to keep in touch. Love you both very much!