Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Weekend!

So its half way through Sunday and i haven't seen a new post. Is our first weekend going to be a bust??? I did not cook or even go near a kitchen this weekend, but that didn't mean i didn't enjoy some quality food this weekend.
My mom has a huge family, 4 brother and 4 sisters. One sister is in India, the other three are here. They were all here visiting this weekend which is very rare - they are all scattered in CT, NY and TX. So the kitchen was getting some good usage. All four of them together whipped up a classic Kerala dish. Yucca with Oxtail. It's a dish with softly cooked yucca ( cassava, tapioca whatever you want to call it) mixed and mashed in with very well cooked Oxtail Curry.

I was so busy this weekend that unfortunately i didn't get a chance to take pics. I figured i could always take once our guests were gone, but it was so good that they finished most of it. Everybody was pleased and had only good things to say about the dish. I'm hoping my aunts have transferred the recipe to my mom and one day she will remake it. I'll post the recipe and pics then.


  1. Yea, you know how much I love food pictures!!! So remember to take some next time!

  2. I am glad u got to eat some tasty kerala dishes..what is oxtail curry-curry made with tail of OX?

  3. Yeapp Curry made with oxtail. Oxtail is actually famous in Jamaican dish. So my aunts and mom made the oxtail curry and soon found out it was full of bones and not enough meat. So they ran to stop n shop and bought more beef. So actually its oxtail n beef curry. They cheated lol!