Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chappathi and Motta - My first Everest!

I don't where it came from or how but I got an inspiration this evening to cook. And not just to cook but to cook something i have never cooked before or have the recipe too. It's an Indian dish, typically eaten for breakfast although it is spicy -but hey that's how we do it. So today with an unknown source of inspiration and confidence I headed in to the kitchen with a smile and a camera and made the ever so popular Chappathi and Motta Curry ( Wheat flat bread/tortilla and Egg Curry) I have eaten this countless times in my life before, but never cooked it but I figured I can wing it. So here is my version of breakfast for dinner.

Although I cooked the Chappathi and egg somewhat simultaneously, for the sake of a chronological order I am going to post the Chappathi first and then the egg.

So for the Chappathi, it is wise to get all the ingredients first, otherwise you'll be running back and forth trying to get things and getting flour all over the place.
Get Wheat Flour, Yogurt, Salt and Oil this. Rose Bush is optional.
Add the yogurt and salt to the flour and knead well. Knead knead knead, otherwise your chappathis wont be soft. Once you have kneaded it in to a ball, leave it aside for 20 minutes.(*hint- good time to start the egg curry).
After the wait, make them into lime sized balls. Notice the flour on the left side.. use flour on your hand and the ball to avoid sticking.

Now use a rolling pin or a chappathi maker to flatten the balls in to 6- 8 inch in diameter thin flat bread. Now place it in a hot pan and cook it for 2 minutes on each side. Typically they are a perfect circle, but since i am not perfect I am not holding my Chappathis to that standard either ;)

There You are done with the Chappathis. Now to the EGG ROAST.

Cut up some onions ( red or white - i like both so i used both), a little bit of ginger and garlic and of course curry leaves.
No heat up some oil in a Wok, yes i did say a Wok- we use it too and you know what we call it China Chatti (Chatti = any type of pan or vessel to cook in). Now add all the ingredients mentioned above to the wok and stir. Typically I believe you add the masala first then you add the onions but hey I forgot.

Now to the masala. I added chilli , turmeric, cumin and coriander powder. Honestly I had no clue what to add, I guess since a masala isnt standardized you could basically add any spice you want. This is what i used and the end result was pretty good. For some reason I also added some cardamoms to it - I like the sweet flavor it brings to dishes.
Now take your hard boiled eggs( oh yea boil some eggs) and give them a cut in the middle, dont split them open..just a cut so that the masala can get in.

Now mix everything together and turn down the heat. Place a lid on it and let it cook in low heat for a while..We need them onions to cook.
And we are done!!! And here is my baby!! My Chappathi and Motta Curry.
I garnished the curry with some cilantro ( always a good idea for currys esp beef) and the yellow thing on the side is White lemon pickle (that's a post in itself).

The sense of accomplishment and pride I feel as I am finishing this blog is overwhelming. Chappathi and Motta was my first Everest!! Here's to more Everests down the line.


  1. They look awesome!!! are they edible?! I want some of them too!!! Next time you have to cook them again for me! By the way, how did you cut an egg with a knife and take a picture at the same time? Be careful of blades!!!

  2. Lol, i got skills baby!!!! j/k, I had to take about 5-6 to just get that one.
    Yes loser, they are edible - both my mom and i ate it and so far no repercussions!!!

  3. Go Girl! I see you were on a roll this weekend. Chapathide shape kollam;)I feel like I havent been on this blog for decades, look what I have missed.I have to catch up with you guys now.