Saturday, December 31, 2011

YUMMY Chocolate Cake for Chocolate Loverss!

Yayy! I get to post the first recipe of this year...This past year was great. Especially during Christmas, I was able to share some good time with my family and close friends. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.. Now I am eagerly looking forward to face all the opportunities and challenges this New year has to offer..Wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year!!

I was searching for a good brownie recipe for a while. I have tried so many brownie recipes over the past and they were all a flop. So this past week, I stumbled across a chocolate cake recipe on all; I decided to give it a try because all the reviewers raved about it plus I had lots of free time on hand. I didn't have any unsweetened cocoa on hand so I used some hot cocoa that my mom got as a holiday gift.To my surprise..the end result was awesome!!

First, a word of WARNiNG! - All CHOCOLATE Haters and CHOCOLATE Allergicss, PLS stop reading this and go Back to your Business. Just kidding;) This is a chocolate cake meets Brownie recipe.

Recipe Link:

This time I made it in a bundt cake pan. I am planning to make some cupcakes for my coworkers soon. Also, dont forget to put your favorite Frosting on it.

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