Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Tea to Remember!

So this weekend, my mother and i went to the mall for some light shopping and as we start walking down the corridors, we smell a familiar nostalgic fruity smell, Ripe jack fruit. Jack fruit is a common fruit known for its distinct smell and taste found in southern India where we grew up. So obviously we were compelled to stop and check out where this pleasant smell was originating from. To our surprise it was from a tea shop called Teavana. They had brewed tea out for sampling, so of course we couldn't pass up a free sample especially if it smelled like jack fruit. So on our way back, we stopped at the Tea Shop and sampled all 4 teas. Two of them fruity but we weren't a big fan, the one that smelled like jack fruit had a mixture of fruits including acai and blueberry that gave it its distinct smell. But the white ayurvedic tea with samurai chai matte and the jasmine green tea was awesome. So i had to get it. I didn't even know how they sold the tea, which looking back if i had known i would not have been writing this blog as i sure as hell would not have gotten the tea. I went to the cashier and said i want these 2 teas and he said a pound or two and then started talking really fast about the teas, i mean i don't know even how much a pound of tea looks like. a weeks supply? a years supply? God knows! He then said most people buy the half pound, well if most people do that then that HAS to be the right way right? so i got the most people order. As far as prices he talked really fast and just spewed off number that really didn't add up in my head. there was 10% off, per pound, 32, 48- too many damn numbers. And the guy was like would you like it in a tin and i said YEA ( oohh a free tin) and then he said its only 7 dollars and put my tea in the tin - DAMN ITT!! So all in all this was most i ever spent on Tea. $88.47.

Did i feel like a sucker when i walked out the store. YES. But as i sip my white ayurvedic tea while writing this blog I'm quite content in the purchase. One because it is damn good tea and two because it gave me material to resurrect this blog. Miss you girls!!

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  1. Hey Girl, I cant believe you got sucked into one more sales person's pitch..reallyy?? $88 worth of tea- your are crazy. And your mom was with you when u bought it - didn't she yell at you for this. BTW..nice to see all your posts..seems like you are the only who regularly post things here..