Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am Bacckk!

Hi Ladies...

How are you both doing? Sorry I have been hiding in the woods for past couple of months (basically being lazy;). One of the reasons for not posting any recipes is that I couldn't find the cable to upload pics from my camera. When I shared my dilemma with Phebez, she suggested getting a sd card for my camera to transfer pics. I even thought of getting one from 'Walmart', but my laz ass stopped me. Anyway, long story short, today I found out that my camera had a sd card in it all along, even though its slightly smaller in size than regular sd card. Its compatible with my desktop so I can upload my pics now..such a relief..this issue has been haunting me for days ladies...

I made a pound cake for Easer..We celebrated easter at my aunt's house, so we took the cake over there..Since the lunch was like a chinese buffet, I dont know how many peaople even got to the desert course..Thanks for sharing the recipe Phebs.."Grandmother's Pound Cake I" from It came out well!

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  1. Your pound cake looks good! The almond and Easter eggs made it look even better!!! Good job!

    Welcome back Loser! <3